The Bairds

The weavings of family history, like the threads in a tartan, layer your family history. The vibrant colors of your family history still shine and with the skirl of bagpipes the mists are removed. Your family history is ancient. It is older than you may realize. It expands to reach almost every major historical event and every continent. Nations and empires have been built and armies crushed by your family. Your legacy consists of poets, artists, rebels, and patriots. Scientists, engineers, and titans of business fill your family history. It is a story of knights in steel armor marching through Lowlands for independence. It is the story of your fallen ancestors swathed in a highland kilt when the last shot rings out over the battlefield.

Like all ancient families, yours has myths. Myths should not be discounted. They are the traditions of your family. Myths, such as that of a soldier who saves his King from a bear and is awarded the symbol of the boar forever for your family. Here, you will learn of other myths such as an ancient prophet who reveals the link between the eagles of Pennan and your family, and how they transform into the symbol of your clan.

Truth is greater than myths. The true account of your family places all myth to shame. This is the tale of engineers and scientists that will change the world with new electronic communication. A clock maker will craft devices that the world will cherish. World famous museums will be built by the toil of your ancestors. A scientist and ecologist of your name will be become so influential that animals and mountain ranges will be named after him. Farmers will transform in to the wealthiest people on the earth and build ironworks and rails across the island and globe. Castles and palaces will be built. A king will lean upon a knight named Baird to gain his crown and freedom for his country. Your family will gain vast tracts of territory. Nobility will be conferred upon a merchant whose descendants will sacrifice their blood in every land and treasure on hospitals and churches.

Political leaders will materialize to build the greatest empire the world has ever seen. A lowlander will gather an army of Highlanders, learn their language and customs, and march them across the New World to victory in every battle and be declared their chief. Monuments and ornate tombs will be built to remember your family’s accomplishments.

But glory brings strife and your family is no different. Criminals will strike at the home and men will fight duels over honor. Men, women, and children will die. War will rage and a single person will decide how your family’s ancient legacy will be risked and spent to reestablish his sovereign. The Bairds will shed their blood on every continent. Kilted soldiers led by your family will march in New York to face their brothers in the South in the most deadly battles. An ancient family line will die out in poverty. A “princeling” will squander his fortune and life.

When things seem darkest though, your family has always showed its true nature. A shackled prisoner, deep in the heart of India, severely wounded and ill, will rise up to break the walls of the stronghold and slay the tyrannical leaders who imprisoned him. He will lead the entire military of the British Empire. Artists will emerge. Educators, businessmen, clergy, pioneers, and athletes will appear. The world will never be the same.

You will not find these stories or the traditions that have been lost over the generations or covered over by time on the internet. But the truth is still there and the Clan Baird Society can help you reclaim it. You can help raise the Clan Standard and establish your Arms. We will help you find lost relatives, develop new relationships, rekindle old traditions, and create new memories. We can help bridge that gap.

When you join the Clan Baird, we will provide an in-depth history of the Clan Baird that cannot be found elsewhere as well as the access to the Gryphon, a quarterly journal of the Baird and Scottish Heritage, as well as to our archives. We provide the ability to preserve Scottish Heritage and reestablish the Clan Baird. We will show you how to matriculate your legitimate Coat of Arms.

This is your legacy. It is your story and your family. It is the story of rich and powerful as well as the common man. These are your traditions passed down from your ancestors. This is your clan. The bagpipes are calling. It is time to raise your Arms. Come, join us, and take your rightful place.