Past Presidents/Conveners

Byron Owsley Baird and Frances Baird,  Florida, Founders of the Society and Presidents, 1970-1990

(Byron died in 1977 and Frances carried on, according to Society Records, and then continued as Convener until 2002.)

Capt. Richard "Dick" Baird, Virginia,  June 1990- June 1994

Dale F.  Baird, Sr., Colorado,  June 1994 - September 2002

Larry Burns, South Carolina, September 2002 - June 2010

Wrex Diem, Michigan, June 2010 - April 2012

Vincent B. Baird, Utah, April 2012 - June 2013

James D. Baird, New York, June 2013 - January 2015

Debra J. Baird, Alabama, January 2015 -August 2020



Richard Ian Holman Baird, Commander and Hereditary President (voted by the membership and changing the chair of the Board of Directors to a Convenor) August 2020 - Present

Glendessary 2013 101(1).jpg

Richard Ian Holman Baird of Rickarton, Ury, and Lochwood, Commander of Clan Baird and Hereditary President of the Society

Larry and Sandra Burns Larry is Past Pre
Larry Burns and Wife Sandra
Jim Baird.jpg
James D "Jim" Baird
Vincent Baird after poetry reading.jpg
Wrex R. Diem.jpg
Wrex Diem
Vincent B Baird
Debra and Bob Watson 2019 Party.JPG
The Age of Convenors - 2020
Debra J. Baird, last Regular President and first Convenor since Frances Baird

Debra J. Baird, Convenor and Chair of the Board, August 2020 - June 2021

In June 2021, Clan Baird Society Worldwide moved to Rickarton,

Stonehaven, Scotland, and Debra J. Baird became the first Worldwide

Convenor based in Scotland.  Isaac S. Baird became the first Convenor USA

at the same time.

Isaac S. Baird, Convenor USA and Chair of the Board, June 2021 - Present