Past Presidents/Conveners

Byron Owsley Baird and Frances Baird,  Florida, Founders of the Society and Presidents, 1970-1990

(Byron died in 1977 and Frances carried on, according to Society Records, and then continued as Convener until 2002.)

Capt. Richard "Dick" Baird, Virginia,  June 1990- June 1994

Dale F.  Baird, Sr., Colorado,  June 1994 - September 2002

Larry Burns, South Carolina, September 2002 - June 2010

Wrex Diem, Michigan, June 2010 - April 2012

Vincent B. Baird, Utah, April 2012 - June 2013

James D. Baird, New York, June 2013 - January 2015

Debra J. Baird, Alabama, January 2015 -August 2020



Richard Ian Holman Baird, Commander and Hereditary President (voted by the membership and changing the chair of the Board of Directors to a Convenor) August 2020 - Present

Richard Ian Holman Baird of Rickarton, Ury, and Lochwood, Commander of Clan Baird and Hereditary President of the Society

Larry Burns and Wife Sandra
James D "Jim" Baird
Wrex Diem
Vincent B Baird
The Age of Convenors - 2020

Debra J. Baird, Convenor and Chair of the Board, August 2020 - Present

Debra J. Baird, last Regular President and first Convenor since Frances Baird

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