Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation, Inc.

For a very long time, members have asked us to set up a Foundation/Trust/Charity, so that any donations they give could be tax deductible and we could pool our resources as members, to do good work for the Bairds. Due to the work of several Society Board members, namely our Commander Richard Baird, Heather Baird Snyder, Stanford Baird, Branton Baird, Debra Baird, all the required paperwork and Charters were written, rewritten, prepared, and checked by attorneys, then ultimately submitted.  It only took most of 2020, but gave us something to do while we were in lock-down for Covid-19.  The Society can feel very good that something so important and valuable was accomplished during such a difficult and stressful time in our history.

Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation, Inc. is classified as a 501(c) 3 charity.


The members of the Foundation Board: 

-  Stanford Baird, President and Co-Chair

-  Debra Baird, 1st Vice President and Co-Chair

-  Ross Baird, 2nd Vice President

-  Branton Baird, Secretary and Treasurer

-  John Baird, New Zealand

-  Anna Ryan Ferguson, Member-at-Large

-  Commander, Richard Baird, Members-at-Large

Our first projects are to restore and protect the Baird Aisle at the old St. Drostan's Kirk on Aberdour Beach, which is, as you know, on the old Auchmedden Estate and is the Baird Kirk.  Also, we are looking into working on the Baird/Barclay Houff at Ury, which is also a long-standing burial ground of Bairds.


Our Commander Richard's great-great Uncle was the last Baird who owned the estate of Auchmedden, which was sold out of Baird hands once again in 1925.  There are many Baird graves at the Kirk, and there is an urgent need to protect the tombs, as well as the inscriptions.  Our 1st Vice President, Sandy Baird is the chair of the St. Drostan’s Committee of the Board, and should you need more information about what is planned, please contact him at

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Clan Baird Society Worldwide Foundation supports Scotland and Scottish culture, preserves and restores Clan Baird artifacts and sites in Scotland, and protects all things Scottish, and encourages others to do the same.