Council of Honorary chieftain Elders

Mr. James D. Baird
Charter Member 2016
Mr. Vincent B. Baird
Charter Member 2016
Mr. Wrex R. Diem
Charter Member 2016

Mr. Robert "Bob" Baird

2017 Class

Mr. J. Ross Baird
2017 Class
Roderick Baird of Saughtonhall.JPG

Mr. Roderick Baird

2020 Class

On December 15th, 2016, the first group of Honorary Elders, that would be called Chieftains, if we had a Chief, were named by the Society.  These are individuals who have given great time, effort, and work to furthering the goals and objectives of Clan Baird Society.  They have done a yeoman’s work to improve our group and help our family.

Those named as the 2016 Charter Class were Mr. James D. Baird, of Fayetteville, New York, former president of the Society and present 1st Vice President, who worked to revive the group after the great chief discussions, Mr. Wrex R. Diem, of Chillicothe, Ohio, former president and person responsible for keeping the group together during the late 2000’s, and Mr. Vincent B. Baird, of Tooele, Utah, former president responsible for taking over after Dale Baird, and increasing the membership during the early 2000’s.  These men have led us through most of the last 20 years, with grit, determination, and sheer will.  We will be forever grateful for their work, and for their tenacity in keeping us together.

The 2017 class was named as the second group, and we welcome Mr. Robert "Bob" Baird of Ann Arbor, Michigan, who has served in several board of director's positions and worked tirelessly for all things needed in Clan Baird. We also welcome Mr. J. Ross Baird of Aberdeen, Scotland, who is the Society UK Commissioner, a long-time member, Board Member and serves on the Foundation Board as 2nd Vice President.  Ross has also written numerous articles for the Gryphon. 

In 2020, one more Honorary Elder was named.  Mr. Roderick Baird is now a very welcome helper in advising Clan Baird Society Worldwide.  Roderick is a member of the Saughtonhall line of Bairds and has been active with the Society over the last few years.  He brings representation of that line to our group.

The Council of Honorary Elders serves an advisory role to the Board of Directors, will help determine our path over the next few decades.