Richard Holman Baird, of Rickarton, Ury and Lochwood

Commander of Clan Baird

Richard Holman Baird of Rickarton, Ury, and Lochwood was named Commander of Clan Baird in August 2019 by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

This appointment was made a few weeks after our Family Convention (the first in more than 200 years) at St. Leonard's Hall, The University of Edinburgh, on August 5th, 2019.  Richard was overwhelmingly elected by the leaders of the family in attendance.  We had 73 family members there from all over the world.

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Richard Holman Baird and Family in front
Richard and Family at Holyrood Garden Pa


Left: Richard's family,

Daughter Amelia, Richard, Daughter Louise, Son-in-Law Christopher Murray, Wife Polly and Son Angus.

Above:  Richard at Glendessary

Left: Richard on his estate of Rickarton, near Stonehaven


Below: Richard is also a Queen's Archer  forming part of her bodyguard when she visits Scotland.

The Family Gathering at St. Leonard's Hall, University of Edinburgh, 5 August 2019.  The first Family Gathering sanctioned by the Lord Lyon in more than 200 years. 

Richard was overwhelmingly elected as our Commander and he is working diligently with the other family line Chieftains to bring us all together once again, for the first time since the 1200's.  Richard is particularly able in leading us, owning the final Baird Estate in Scotland, and being from the Cambusnethan-Gartsherrie branch of Bairds, which is the original Lanarkshire line from whence most historians agree all the Scottish Bairds began.