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Contrary to the opinion of many, Scottish Clan membership was never linked solely to surname but rather to a system of kinship.  This kinship came in the form of actual relation, fosterage, and sworn fealty and can be historically attested. Likewise, the Clan Baird Society Worldwide membership is open to anyone who is descended from, married to, or any someone who is interested in the history and heritage of the Clan Baird.  Dues are $20.00 per adult which covers any children living in the home. Dues can be paid by check.


Annual dues are $20.00 per Adult in each household, which covers any children living in the home, and $20 dollars for Renewals for each Adult .


Members receive the Gryphon, the quarterly Society publication that specializes in Baird heritage, history, culture and traditions. Members receive the book, The Eagles and the Boar, the history of the Clan Baird for free. They also gain access to the members only section of the website and the members only networking site.  It provides networking with Baird Genealogists and for those that have genetic testing performed, a chance to join in the Clan Baird DNA Database. Additionally, the Society produces the Eaglet, a quarterly insert on Scottish Heritage aimed at the younger generation filled with stories and activities on Scottish heritage not found anywhere else.

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