The Baird Archaeologial and Historical Initiative

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June 24, 2018

Book of Deer Monastery Project Dig

In summer 2018, Clan Baird Society helped sponsor the archeological dig at Old Deer, where the search for the original monastery built by St. Columba and St. Drostan might be found.  It is the monastery where the Book of Deer, the oldest Scottish Gaelic writing to be found to date, was believed to be used.

The Auchmedden Castle Project

This Project is defining the location, size, structure and remains of the Auchmedden Castle and advocating & supporting archaeological exploration by professional archaeologist. This project is setting the ground work for preservation of the Castle. Click the button to see the work that has been performed over the last 20 years.

September 09, 2017

St. Drostan Walk and Kirk

Clan Baird Society sponsored the ecumenical pilgrimage walk from New Aberdour Hall to the old Kirk of St. Drostan on Aberdour Beach and the well of St. Drostan.  This pilgrimage was an attempt to highlight the importance of St. Drostan to the area which was the Auchmedden Estate.  Many Bairds of Auchmedden are buried in the Old Kirk.

Bairds of Garsherrie Project

This project is documenting the life and times of the Bairds of Gartsherrie, their expansion in Scotland, and their triumphs up to this day.

John Baird of Walham Green Poject

This project is studying and documenting the life of the son of William Baird, 7th of Auchmedden, and the last person to potentially lay claim to the Chief of the Name and Arms of Baird as well as the last person to use the undifferentiated Arms of Baird of Auchmedden. It explores his role in the Royal Navy, his time at sea, his marriage and death as well as the interactions with his brothers and Fraser relatives.

1820 Radical War Project

This project is chronicling the exploits of John Baird in the 1820 Radical War that led to suffrage rights for Scottish Citizens.

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