A statement from our Commander Richard, concerning the death of Prince Phillip earlier this morning.

"You will be aware of the very sad news concerning the death of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

No words are adequate to reflect our admiration for his dedication and service to Great Britain and his support of HM The Queen over seven decades. His sense of that duty never wavered but it was allied to the keenest of minds, ever curious and capable of great vision. Innumerable important causes and charities, here and overseas, owe an immense debt to his patronage, energy and wise counsel. Mingling with his blend of forthright expression and humour ran constant kindness and consideration for others.

We should cherish always, the memory of a truly great man with gratitude, affection and the profoundest respect."

Best regards


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It is our mission to bring the diasporic Clan Baird back together as a unified family, to support Scotland and Scottish culture, educate others about Scottish life, preserve and restore Clan Baird artifacts and sites in Scotland, protect all things Scottish, as well as encourage others to do the same. 


As a registered and incorporated charity, we are a part of the wider official Scottish Associations,

operating according to their time-honored traditions and statutes.

This is a recording of the Baird's of Auchmedden March, written by Bert Richardson of the Moffat Pipe Band and played by June Nelson of Edinburgh, his last student.  We hope you enjoy listening.

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A video of our Commander Richard Baird of Rickarton, Ury, and Lochwood, placing a wreath on the Baird tombs at St. Drostans' on the old Auchmedden Estate.  The COVID rules observed service on Remembrance Day was planned by Corinne and Phil Cox (Phil is a Beard) and the Clan Baird Scotland piper, Adam Cadmarteri.  We appreciate Richard, Corinne, Phil, and Adam all taking part in the service honoring the WW I and WW II war dead as well as all the Bairds buried at the Kirk.  


Our Commander laid wreaths on Remembrance Sunday for our war heroes at St. Drostan's Kirk on Auchmedden and Stonehaven.
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