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It is our mission to bring the diasporic Clan Baird back together as a unified family, to support Scotland and Scottish culture, educate others about Scottish life, preserve and restore Clan Baird artifacts and sites in Scotland, protect all things Scottish, as well as encourage others to do the same.

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Find Your Roots and Family:
Discover the Rewards of a Being a Clan Society Member


The Oldest and Largest Clan Baird Society


With almost 50 years of existence, the Clan Baird Society is  the largest Baird society. It is the only Society with a Global footprint with members in Scotland, the UK, Australia, Canada, the US, and South America.


Support Baird Historical and Archeological studies


The only Baird society that currently supports Baird  Historical and Archealogical studies


Cutting Edge Initiatives


The Clan Baird is a supporter of the Baird DNA project and provides help and assistance through private donations to test family lines to aid genealogy.


Support Scottish Culture through the Baird College Scholarship


As a member, help support Scottish Culture through the Baird College Scholarship that helps students in college study Scottish History, Culture, and Gaelic Language.


Free Genealogy Support

Members experience free genealogy support from Clan Society Genealogists to help trace ancestors.


A Place to Contribute

Join the Society to meet others, learn about Baird Traditions and History, and contribute by helping others. The Baird Society is always looking for people who want to be actively engaged to serve in leadership roles.

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